Moist Dairy Free Wholewheat Scones

Fluffy, moist scones made without dairy milk, butter, or eggs

Ohhh yesss, Easter time is coming!

Ya know what that means?

Desperately trying to restrain yourself from over-eating on sugary delights, but failing … and then feeling a bit sick, but happy …

Just me? Lies! You know that’s you too!

These vegan scones are easy to make and so comforting on these ever – colder autumn afternoons.

They would also be a great addition to a family gathering spread, as they are easy to grab with chocolate-covered fingers and pop into your mouth while passing the table (no-one will know)!

I found the original wholewheat scones recipe in the deep, dark crevices of my cupboards, in boxes I have filled with sentimental trinkets (read: I am a shameful hoarder).

The legends of my grandmothers baking are still lovingly spoken of in my family. Mentioned in hushed tones, with eyes glazed over and staring into the distance, her well-known madeira cakes are remembered, particularly. Perhaps that is an idea for an upcoming post? …

Baking was something she loved to do, and it is said she had a natural knack for it. A person who was incredibly creative, she was a renowned journalist back in her day, as well as being a painter of the most gorgeous pictures and still lives.

Here is what I found – written by my grandmother on a torn page of cheap notepad, in that gorgeous embellished hand that alludes to the required cursive hand-writing of years past.

I figured I had found gold when I came across this recipe, and reckoned I could create a vegan wholewheat scone that was just as good as the original. I just replaced the dairy yoghurt with Woolworths soya yoghurt, and replaced the Rama with Flora vegan margarine (not all margarine is vegan as they include a source of vitamin D that is derived from animals).

The results are fluffy, moist, light and soft, and go so well with a sweet, sticky jam, and the pillow of foamy vegan cream on top!

Moist Dairy Free Wholewheat Scones

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Recipe by Catherine Stevenson Course: Tea, SweetsDifficulty: Easy


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Soft, fluffy and moist vegan scones made with soya yoghurt


  • 130g plain flour

  • 20ml baking powder

  • 5ml salt

  • 130g wholewheat flour

  • 10ml white sugar, coconut sugar, or granulated sweetener of choice

  • 60g Flora vegan margarine

  • 175ml Woolworths cultured soy yoghurt (I used vanilla flavour)

  • plant-based milk for brushing (I used soya milk)

  • Strawberry jam, to serve

  • whipped Orley Whip imitation cream, or whipped coconut cream, to serve


  • Preheat oven to 220C and grease a large baking sheet.
  • Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar/sweetener into a large bowl.
    Stir in wholewheat flour.
  • Lightly rub in the margarine with your fingers until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Add cultured soy yoghurt and mix just enough to form a soft dough.
  • Turn it out onto a floured surface and pat down gently with hands into a round about 3cm thick.
    Use a cookie cutter, or the rim of a glass to cut out rounds.
  • Place the rounds on your greased baking sheet, and brush them lightly with plant-based milk.
  • Bake for 10-12 mins, or until golden.
  • Halve them and serve with strawberry jam and cream!

Thanks granny!

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